DL-BET-A Deep Learning Based Tool for Automatic Brain Extraction from Structural Magnetic Resonance Images in Mice
See title.
In Vivo GABA Increase as a Biomarker of the Epileptogenic Zone: an Unbiased Metabolomics Approach
The ISMRM (extended abstract) version of the Epilepsia 2020 paper.
JET-A Matlab Toolkit for Automated J-Difference-Edited MR Spectra Processing of In Vivo Mouse MEGA-PRESS Study at 9.4 T
A MATLAB-based software toolkit that I re-designed, re-developed and released with my research partner Nanyan and supervisor Dr. Jia Guo based on Dr. Guo’s previous work.
Substituting Gadolinium In Brain MRI Using DeepContrast -- A Proof-Of-Concept Study in Mice
The ISMRM (extended abstract) version of the IEEE ISBI 2020 paper.